Watch Fr. Emmanuel on Russia's The Central TV Show Discussing US Economic Policy

In announcing tariffs against China, President Donald J. Trump is not launching a "trade war."

"It's not unreasonable for any leader of any country to seek equitable trade terms," Fr. Emmanuel told Russia's The Central TV Show March 7, 2018 from the construction site of St. Katherine Orthodox Chapel:

This segment on Russia's Central TV Show explores the possibility of a trade war between the US and China as well as the implications for investors and global economic policy.  Starting from the premise that US government actions are not driven by good business sense but by geopolitics and power; that there is a risk of starting a new global economic recession; that there could be opportunities for Russia.

Fr. Emmanuel's segment contrasts this position by defending the President's economic policies while pointing to a philosophy of investment based on creating wealth to do good vs. investment as speculation or taking actions in the global economy based on power politics.

Угроза или шанс: затронет ли Россию торговая война США и Китая

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