Fr. Emmanuel Lemelson Discusses Apple's iPhone Sales, World Wrestling Entertainment's Strategy And Other Issues

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On April 27, 2015, Rev. Father Emmanuel Lemelson, founder and president of The Lantern Foundation and chief investment officer of Lemelson Capital Management, appeared on Benzinga's Pre-Market Prep show to discuss Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), World Wrestling Entertainment (NYSE:WWE), and other positions held by Lemelson Capital's top-performing Amvona Fund.


In the interview, Fr. Emmanuel commented on the firm's current long position in shares of Apple, Geospace Technologies (NASDAQ:GEOS) and it's new short position in shares of Ligand Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:LGND). Lemelson also continues to examine the impact of subscriber numbers on WWE's valuation.

Among Lemelson's comments on the Benzinga show:

On Apple: "Chances are they're going to break all the estimates, I wouldn't be surprised if they hit 60 million iPhone units sales, probably iPad will continue to decline" said Lemelson. "Chances are they will increase the dividend, hopefully they'll increase their share buyback," Lemelson added.

Among his comments on Apple's future prospects:

"When you look at Apple as a platform they're really the only major technology company that controls both their hardware and their software and they are also one of the only technology companies to have a robust desktop and mobile business" said Lemelson. "That's important because as their base of users snowballs I think there is an increasing discord people feel at work and that gives rise to a tremendous opportunity in the enterprise for Apple," Lemelson added. 

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On Lemelson Capital's long position in Geospace Technologies, Lemelson said:

"Seismic is still the leading technology, not just for exploration of new reserves, but also for the judicious management of existing reserves," Lemelson added. "Irrespective of the price of oil, E & P will have to continue at some point."

"We're still buyers of the shares, we own close to 5% of the company and we'll probably keep buying it," Lemelson added.

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Among Lemelson's comments on the remainder of 2015:

"Going into 2015 it looks pretty reasonable to be short things like small bio-tech and long oil and gas," Lemelson said.

On Lemelson Capital's new short position in Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Lemelson said:

"We started shorting it again around 76 ½, it keeps going up, it's just an amazing thing, and we keep shorting it actually, so our average price we shorted it at is around 82 now, we'll probably keep shorting it as it goes up." Lemelson added, "we don't' think any of the indications they are developing have any real long-term value, we don't' think the company as a whole has any intrinsic value, in our opinion it looks more like an operation designed to transfer equity from common shareholders to management through stock awards, and that's something that cannot last in perpetuity," Lemelson continued.

"We feel very comfortable being short a stock like that because we think frankly they're part of a bubble."

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On February 20, 2015, Lemelson Capital disclosed that it had sold all but one of its shares of World Wrestling Entertainment at "around $16.50".

Among Lemelson's comments on Benzinga regarding WWE: "Vince McMahon deserves a lot of credit for seeing the future of OTT, it is the future and he jumped out a head of it," Lemelson said. They still have under 1 million paying subscribers and that's not enough to break-even," Lemelson continued.

"it doesn't look good for the OTT network, it's a huge source of costs that is draining the company, which is already performing very badly financially, it's important not to confuse the fervor of the fans and their feelings about the brand with wise fiscal management, which the company needs very badly, but increasingly is probably out of reach because of corporate governance issues." Lemelson concluded, "If you have to be on one side of the trade, it's probably safer to be on the short side."

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To listen to the full interview as well as Lemelson's commentary on the Mayweather-Pacquiao event, click here.


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