Lemelson Capital Management Commends Christian Today for Full Retraction of Inaccurate Wall Street Journal Reporting on Emmanuel Lemelson

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One of Most Authoritative Publications Covering Religion Recognizes Wall Street Journal Reporting Errors and Biases, Strikes Entire Article

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., Nov. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Christian Today, the award-winning global media outlet covering Christianity, has taken the rare step this week of fully retracting and distancing itself from its October 27, 2015 article, “Meet the Orthodox priest who’s a part time hedge-fund manager,” which was based largely on the egregiously inaccurate reporting of Wall Street Journal reporter Rob Copeland working under the editorial oversight of Wall Street Journal assistant managing editor Daniel Fitzpatrick. 


In a November 2 statement, Lemelson Capital Management stated that the article “contains dozens of factual errors, misstatements and major errors of omission amongst a litany of insinuation and innuendo.” The firm addressed and specified fourteen significant such errors, misstatements and major omissions in two press releases of the same date, available here, and addressed more generally here.


Christian Today announced this week that, after reviewing and investigating the extensive errors contained in the October 27 Wall Street Journal article, it was taking the highly unusual step of retracting its entire article that had been based in large part on Rob Copeland’s irresponsible, error-filled Wall Street Journal reporting. With a monthly readership of three million, Christian Today is a London-based global media outlet widely considered one of the most credible covering issues and events related to Christianity.

“While it’s understandable that media may make periodic errors, suppressing evidence, altering quotes and generally, yellow journalism is unacceptable,” said Emmanuel Lemelson, Lemelson Capital Management’s chief investment officer. “We praise Christian Today for investigating these inaccuracies and taking the highly unusual yet responsible step of retracting their entire article based on the demonstrably inaccurate reporting of Wall Street Journal reporter Rob Copeland,” he said.


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