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blog_updatesWe would like to take a moment to share the changes and updates that have been made to the Amvona site over the last few weeks. 

First, we made the “Latest News” category the new home page, and thus eliminated much of the clutter of the previous UI.  We hope this simplifies the content on the home page, and makes finding new articles faster and easier.  Articles from all of the sub-categories now appear in the main list on the home page, (scroll down just under the “Latest Blogs” section).  Content is updated about every four hours.

Secondly we added a fifth dedicated category under “Latest News” for Foreclosure.  We did this in accordance with the main purpose of the site which is to cover topics that are of great importance and that through our coverage, may in some way help others.

On the topic of foreclosure, we have maintained for years that the issues in securitized mortgages (some 7 trillion in value), and the related problems of clouded-titles is likely the single largest economic threat to our society and in many ways is the most important factor in a much larger array of global derivatives carried at extraordinary leverage.   Although we recognize that there is often low awareness or indifference towards the topic, we believe this will change in time by necessity, and thus our ongoing interest in helping to expose the problems of the mortgage securitization industry are growing rather than diminishing, despite the harsh criticism we have received for our position that we have shared with many going back to 2003 and more recently published in our articles here and here.

Third we created a dedicated category for the latest news in Greek.  A few months ago, we noticed that articles in Greek were some of the most read, but might be interfering with our English readership, so we have created this dedicated top level category, with the subcategories of faith, investing, economics and technology (just as our “Latest News” in English category).

Fourth, we continue to modify and sculpt the content which appears on the Amvona site.  New authors are regularly added (we now have content from over 35 writers).  We mainly look for content that is not easily found, and has an unadulterated take on news apart from what could be found in otherwise mainstream news media.  We will continue this effort over time to ensure Amvona is a site with a dynamic aggregation of otherwise hard to find news.

Fifth we updated our “about us” page to elaborate a bit more on where we have been and where we are going, in response to the large number of questions we have received.  We continue to hear, sometime daily, from our former Amvona customers who protest that fact we no longer provide photographic equipment.  We are of course indebted to their loyal support over the years we had building Amvona as a very different kind of company.

Finally, we wanted to make a brief comment on original content which we have produced and published on the site.   We do not produce a high volume of articles (we have been averaging about one a month), nor are the articles produced according to anything that might be recognizable as a schedule.  We simply author articles when there is an important issue that we think we can either a) help others by commenting on or b) bring greater awareness to or c) both.  This can be said of any of the categories that we have chosen to work in.

Further, we are very grateful to the readers who have made some of the articles far more popular than we had imagined.  We are also grateful to the bloggers and other sites who have published the articles helping to garner widespread recognition (the vast majority of whom we do not know and have never met).  For example, our article on the Ibanez decision was referenced thousands of times online within a week of its publication, with overwhelming support for the controversial thesis from bloggers and commenters alike.  Much of this credit is due and it’s editors for featuring the article prominently on their site.  Zerohedge continues to be one of the fastest growing websites in the world, and is without question one of the most widely read.

We are also thankful to the team at SeekingAlpha for publishing almost all of our articles (although some were published months after their original publication date).  Although we cannot confirm for certain, this article appears to have become one of the most read articles on the site with about 26,000 page views within the first couple of days. 

Seeking Alpha is the premier website for stock market opinion and analysis, and is also one of the fastest growing online.  Articles are hand-picked from the world's top market blogs, money managers, financial experts and investment newsletters – publishes approximately 250 articles daily from over 3000 contributors. 

We continue to look forward to serving our readership so long as there is an interest in what we are doing and invite any and all feedback.
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